Five(!) Upcoming KCN Events

Post date: Jan 18, 2018 2:09:27 PM

The next 5 KCN events will be selected lectures from a seminar style graduate course in Computational Neuroscience

Time: 1:30 PM (note different time from previous KCN events!)

Location (same): 4KD503, Krembil Discovery Tower, 60 Leonard Ave.

January 25

Topic: Mean field/firing rate models

Speaker: Sue Ann Campbell (Waterloo)

February 8

Topic: Dynamical analysis of neuronal excitability

Speaker: Steve Prescott (Sickkids)

March 1

Topic: Reinforcement learning in sensorimotor networks

Speaker: Doug Tweed (Toronto)

March 15

Topic: The probabilistic brain: A (hopefully) gentle introduction to population coding and related questions

Speaker: Jeremie Lefebvre (Krembil)

March 29

Topic: Biological variability and model databases

Speaker: Frances Skinner (Krembil)