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Post date: May 30, 2014 3:57:44 PM

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UHN Research News - May 29, 2014

Annual TWRI Research Day

TWRI’s annual Research Day was held on May 14th, 2014. The event featured ten oral presentations and seventy posters highlighting the diversity of research conducted by the Institute’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and researchers. Current scientific problems being examined by TWRI’s trainees include, but are not limited to, molecular basis of cartilage damage in osteoarthritis, neuroimaging studies evaluating connectivity in anorexia nervosa and molecular changes that underlie colour blindness. The keynote address, titled “Mapping and Modeling Human Brain Networks”, was delivered by Dr. Olaf Sporns, a renowned neuroscientist from Indiana University.

The event was organized by the TWRI Trainee Affairs Committee (TAC), which comprises trainees, Principal Investigators, administrative staff and a representative from the Office of Research Trainees. Several Principal Investigators, postdoctoral fellows and research associates also volunteered their time to judge trainees’ oral presentations and posters. “This is an important day for the TWRI community as it represents a time for us to come together to hear about the exciting research occurring within our Institute, as well as to interact and learn about the broad spectrum of interests and disciplines at TWRI.” said Dr. Frances Skinner, TAC Chair and TWRI Senior Scientist.

UHN thanks TAC, the volunteer judges, TWRI trainees and all those who helped make this year’s Research Day a success.

TWRI trainees, Dr. Crystal Ruff and Alexandre Guet McCreight, socializing with Dr. Olaf Sporns (center) over coffee.