Cans, Cans everywhere!

Post date: Dec 9, 2014 11:43:48 PM

Thanks again all for your willingness to design and build!

TWRI-announce email on Dec 9th 2014 from Carley.....

Dear TWRI community,

Thank you to everyone for their support of this year's Food Drive. As many of you know, this event was spearheaded by the Fehlings Lab, and now, for a third year, the TWRI Trainees Affairs Committee (TAC) has joined in the efforts for this Annual Holiday Food Drive by having a CANstruction Competition together with the raffle draw and our holiday potluck.

In particular, we thank the many generous individuals, sponsors, and CANstruction participants that turned this into a most successful and fun event!

Together, we have obtained over 600 non-perishable food items and $2,220.00 of cash for the Daily Bread Food Drive! Donations can still be made at

A special thanks to our Trainee Affairs Committee and judges.

CANstruction Winners:

1st prize - Dr. Weaver's Lab (Express Train)

2nd prize - Dr. Fehlings' Lab (Hockey Rink)

3rd prize - Dr. Skinner's Lab (Guitar & Amp)

Raffle Winners:

Samsung Tablet – Julie Wan

Sony Camera – Skinner Lab

Godiva Gift Basket – Ticket #565035 (please come to 4KD478, KDT to claim your prize)

$50 Gift Card to Second Cup – Dr. Eubanks

A few other raffle prize winners included Dr. Schlichter, and the Fehlings lab x 2........Congratulations to all!