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posted Mar 26, 2017, 5:11 AM by Frances Skinner   [ updated Mar 26, 2017, 5:17 AM ]

  1. "Building on theoretical and computational analyses, we find that spike frequency adaptation and post-inhibitory rebound constitute a basis for theta generation in large, minimally connected CA1 pyramidal (PYR) cell network models with fast-firing parvalbumin-positive (PV+) inhibitory cells..."
  1. "Our models can serve as a platform on which to build and develop an understanding of in vivo theta generation, and of microcircuit dynamics in the hippocampus"     

Katie Ferguson, Alexandra Chatzikalymniou, Frances Skinner (2017)
"Combining theory, model and experiment to understand how theta rhythms are generated in the hippocampus." 
bioRxiv 115949; doi: