PI:  Frances K Skinner

Senior Scientist
Krembil Research Institute
University Health Network (UHN)
Toronto Western Hospital

Departments of Medicine (Neurology) and Physiology
University of Toronto

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OR frances.skinner at

Phone (office): 416-603-5800x5107


"Neither ignore the details nor be consumed by them"

"Details matter, but which ones under which situations ??..... like the individuality of people"

"Happiness and self-satisfaction require a balance of the various arenas of life that are important to the individual. An appropriate balance produces the best results in the various arenas of life and the most happiness and self-satisfaction. A perfect balance is impossible - constant re-balancing required!"


Alexandre Guet-McCreight

PhD candidate
Department of Physiology and CPIN
Sept 2015 - present
MSc, 2015
"Predicting cell-type specific active properties by developing multi-compartment models using databases and electrophysiological feature constraints: Application to interneuron-specific 3 (IS3) cells in the hippocampus"

Contact:  alexandre.guet-mccreight at, 
alexandre.guet.mccreight at

Alexandra (Pierri) Chatzikalymniou
PhD candidate
Department of Physiology and CPIN
Jan 2015 - present

Contact:  achatzik at, 
alexandra.chatzikalymniou at

Melisa Gumus

Undergrad research student
Research project course - HMB 496
Summer 2018+
Contact: melisa.gumus at mail dot

Scott Rich

(co-supervised with T. Valiante)  
Postdoctoral Fellow, Krembil Research Institute  
June 2018 - present  

Contact: at

Happy Inibhunu

Summer Student, Krembil Research Institute
June 2019 - present

Contact: happy.inibhunu at



Marjan Rafiee (2015-18)
(co-supervised with T. Valiante) 
Felix Njap (2013-14)
(co-supervised with S.A. Campbell)

Ernest Ho (2011-12)

Muhammad Dur-E-Ahmad (2009-10)
(co-supervised with S.A. Campbell)

 Jesse Gillis (2007)

Israel Ncube (2002-2004)

(co-supervised with S.A. Campbell)

Jorg Grigull (2000-2001)
(co-supervised with P. Carlen)

Graduate Students

Vlad Sekulic

PhD, 2018
"Investigating the Contribution of Hyperpolarization-Activated Mixed Cation Channels to the Role of Oriens-Lacunosum/Moleculare Interneurons in Oscillatory Activity of the Hippocampus Using Computational Modelling"

MSc, 2013
"Development of a methodology for the examination of conductance densities and distributions of hippocampal oriens-lacunosum/moleculare interneurons using ensemble modelling"

Katie Ferguson

PhD, 2015
"Mathematical models provide insight into the role of interneurons in hippocampal CA1 network theta rhythm generation"

Owen Mackwood

Lab Rotation, 2012
Population bursting in a CA3 network model

Ernest Ho

PhD, 2011
"If you want to be slow, you have to be fast: Control of slow population activities by fast-spiking interneurons via network multistability"

Darrell Haufler

MSc, 2008

"On the generation of subthreshold membrane potential fluctuations in hippocampal CA1 interneurons"

Jesse Gillis

PhD, 2007
"Modelling the spatiotemporal pattern of synaptic inputs in hippocampal neurons during population rhythms"

MSc, 2003

"Deconstructing hippocampal EEG rhythms using time-frequency analysis"

Sogol Azarmgin

MASc, 2007

“An investigation of the size of tissue required for generation of spontaneous network rhythms in an intact hippocampal preparation”

Fernanda Saraga

PhD, 2005
“Use of compartmental models to predict physiological properties of hippocampal neurons"

MSc, 2001

“A multicompartment model of a hippocampal interneuron"

Peter Murray

MASc, 2004

“Capturing details of short-term synaptic plasticity in simple schemes”

Sajiya Jalil

Graduate Research Project, 2002-03
Mathematical modeling and analyses of inhibitory networks

Mehrdad Jazayeri

MSc, 2001
”A theoretical investigation of the generation of a spontaneous slow rhythm in hippocampus CA1”

Pamela Baker

MSc, 2001

”Modulation of oscillatory activity in inhibitory neuronal networks by anesthetics:  The role of receptor desensitization”

Undergraduate Students

Anton Lunyov (Summer 2017+)

Bohan Xing (2015-16  PHY479 Research Project)

Shola Umutoni (2013-14)

Phillip (Tse-Chiang) Chen (Summer 2012)

Rosanah Murugesu (2011-12 Eng Sci Thesis)

Duluxan Sritharan (2010-11 Eng Sci Thesis)

Vlad Sekulic (2010-11 PSL498; Summer 2011; and see above)

Krzysztof Grzegorczyk (Summer 2010)

Tariq Zahid (Summer 2006, 2007; 2007 PSL499, and more)

Lee Krantz (Summer 2006)

Darrell Haufler (Summer 2004; 2004-05 PSL498; and see above)

Leo Ng (Summer 2004)

Ryan Cho (Summer 2001; 2001 PSL499, and more) - picture unavailable

Jenni Chung (Summer 2001, 2002; 2002-03 PSL498)

Katherine Enright
(Summer 2000)

Laura Perri (Summer 2000)

Jiang Brandon Liu (Summer 1999; 1999-2000 Eng Sci Thesis, and more)

Fernanda Saraga (1998-99 PHY479; Summer 1999; and see above)

Zoltan Nagy (Summer 1998) - picture unavailable

Karl Farrow
(1998 PSL499) - picture unavailable