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posted Mar 31, 2013, 6:00 PM by Frances Skinner   [ updated Apr 25, 2016, 1:27 PM ]

DATE: Wed April 3, 2013 
TIME: 10:30am 
PLACE: MP14-331 
TITLE: "A Model of Theta Rhythm Production in the Septal-Hippocampal System and Its Modulation by Ascending Brain Stem Pathways"  Michael J. Denham and Roman M. Borisyuk,  HIPPOCAMPUS 10:698–716 (2000)
"The population-level approach to modeling has proven to be fruitful in many previous studies (Bressloff and Cowan, 2003; Deco and Rolls, 2004; Hussain et al., 2004,; Lanyon  and Denham, 2004), looking at a variety of neuronal systems, and asking a variety of questions. This paper used such a paradigm to build a model of the septo-hippocampal circuitry and investigated network theta frequency oscillations. "